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Dodgeball is one of the world’s fastest growing sports and has seen a steady growth in Canada in the last 10 years. As it is not a sanctioned sport among the world’s sport organizations, the rules and format vary from region to region. When players from Nova Scotia participated in the National Dodgeball Festival for the first time in 2014, they realized that they were not playing the same sport as the rest of the country and they would never excel if they weren’t on the same page as the rest of the players in Canada and around the world.



Want the most up-to-date news about NSD and dodgeball from around the world? Looking for some pointers on how to play, ref or even be involved with the dodgeball community in Halifax and Nova Scotia? Check out our blog!

Best of Halifax

Best of Halifax

Nova Scotia Dodgeball has made it into the running for Best Sports League for The Coast's Best of Halifax Awards!

Voting for the final round is between August 1 - September 15th! Be sure to vote!

Registration is Open!

Registration is now open for our upcoming Fall 2018 session. We have limited spots for our mixed coed, mens and womens division so don't miss out!


Why Dodgeball?

“I started playing dodgeball to try something new but I ended up having a group of people that let me be my complete authentic self. Completely unexpected when I joined but I couldn’t imagine not having them now”

Joey LeBlanc
Nova Scotia Dodgeball
Corey Oickle Nova Scotia Dodgeball Halifax

“Who doesn’t like throwing things at people for fun? For real though – the people. I love the community”

Corey Oickle
Hatchet Lake, NS
Steven Cook Halifax Nova Scotia Dodgeball Adult Sports League

“A game of dodgeball is a full body workout (my odd play style anyway). It’s like an hour at the gym without it feeling like an hour at the gym! Also, the people are awesome and second to none!“

“Dodgeball is a community; a family to those with none, whether long gone, distant, or simply just never existed.  Dodgeball is an out; to those with anger, anxiety, stress, or just simply issues with just getting out of the basement, there’s a stronger comfort level found there than in any other public setting. Dodgeball (this… Read more “Mitch Janzen”

Mitch Janzen
Dodgeball Manitoba
Nova Scotia Dodgeball Halifax Mike Moors

“Why dodgeball? It helps with my mental health in the fact it help get my aggression out and when I’m on the court a lot of stresses seem to disappear”  

Mike Moors
Halifax, NS

“I play dodgeball because it’s something friends can commit to. It’s easy to get “too busy” these days, but we’re never too busy to throw balls at each other. We see each other at least once a week because of it and it gets everyone active. I’ve met so many great people in the year… Read more “Mariah Godin”

Mariah Godin
Nova Scotia Dodgeball
Nova Scotia Dodgeball Halifax Gil Richard

“So much fun you don’t realize you’re exercising.”

Gil Richard
Dartmouth, NS

9-0-2 Dodgeball