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7 Tips For Better Catching in Dodgeball

So you want to be a catcher? Are you are a catcher and you want to become better at it? Here are 7 things to work on to become a better catcher in dodgeball:

1. Plant Your Feet

Moving side to side while trying to catch can be pretty difficult. Remember that time where you were trying to dodge 3 balls coming at you and you had your hands in a weird spot and somehow, a dodgeball stuck? Is this skill? No. It is impressive though! While learning to catch, plant your feet and try to focus on those balls as they come at you.

2. T-Rex Arms

Hold your arms in close to your chest with your elbows close to your sides so you are ready to snatch an incoming ball. Having your arms in the ready position will aid in grabbing that one coming straight for you.

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NSD Goes to the Sin City Shootout Tournament

Recently some Nova Scotia Dodgeball players traveled to Vegas to participate in the 11th annual Sin City Shootout. This is the largest annual LGBT sporting event in the world! This event took place January 11th – 14th and is put on but WeHo (West Hollywood) Dodgeball.

It all stated with a softball tournament in 2007. The idea was to create the best LGBTQ tournament but has since grown in size and popularity. Today it includes many different sports and they are adding new sports every year. The purpose of the event is to raise money for the Greater Los Angeles Sports Association.

This year saw the event having 25 sports including; softball, kickball, soccer, ice hockey, swimming, dodgeball, etc. There was an estimate of 9000 athletes competing in the weekend event. Most participates were from different parts of the US but some also came from Canada and Australia as well!

Dodgeball Event Facts:

  • Co-ed no sting balls (7 inch rubber balls)
  • Co-ed 8.5 rubber balls (this are definitely sting balls, trust me)
  • Women’s division (7 inch rubber balls)
  • This is the 5th year that dodgeball has been a part of the event
  • There were around 550 dodgeball players making up 90 dodgeball teams!

Jake Mason is the organizer of all things dodgeball for the Sin City Shootout. He is also the founder of WeHo Dodgeball. I asked him for his thoughts on the overall weekend and his reply is as follows:

I’m still hesitant to call it a success because I’m afraid once I do someone will come to me with some issue I didn’t know about, lol, but honestly with so many people, so many teams, refs, personalities and balls everywhere it went really, really well. We continue to grow every year and the competition gets fiercer but I’ve been happy that we’ve also been able to keep the spirit of the tournament intact as well.

I asked some players what they thought about the overall experience. Joey is a player in Nova Scotia Dodgeball and it was his first time at the event. Andrew is co-owner of Downtown Dodgeball in Toronto and has been to the Sin City shootout many times.

Joey Leblanc

Vegas was a completely different game. Rubber balls, 8 people on the court and every person was lethal. There were no weak players and I have the bruises from 8.5 sting division to prove it. It was fun to incorporate NSD’s slower, more controlled style into my matches in Vegas!

Andrew Rejano

This is my 3rd year going and my experiences keep getting better and better. I love this tournament because I love how it celebrates the diversity and caliber of all LGBTQA players. The diversity, caliber and passion of these players not only inspired me to better myself in all those aspects, but it also inspired me to do more for our own Toronto dodgeball LGBTQA community. It did so 3 years ago and still did this year! It was a blast!

Team ‘We Don’t Care Bears’ from different parts of Canada

Adding Strategy To A Dodgeball Game

New posts will happen bi-weekly on or around Thursday/Friday so check back and read up on the game we all love! On to the new post!

Now that we know the different positions on a dodgeball court (mentioned in the last post) we can now focus on the strategy that goes into these positions. We will go over basic strategies and what you need to know to be the best in each position while on the court.


Setting Up A Game Of Dodgeball

Every two weeks or so, we will be writing a blog post about a different part of a Nova Scotia Dodgeball game to help you get to know the game more! Here is our first blog post all about GAME SET UP! Enjoy!

Nova Scotia Dodgeball Game Set Up

Game Set Up

Nova Scotia Dodgeball follows the World Dodgeball Style rules for game set up. Each team has six players on each side of the gym. There has to be at least one of each gender on each side of the court. These players start with one foot on the back line and wait until the referee starts the game. The game will start when the whistle is blown or with a countdown (normally ‘3, 2, 1, dodgeball!’). The start of each game is called The Rush.

The Rush

When the referee starts the game, each team can run to the center line to grab three balls. Each team’s three balls are placed in front of the players on the right hand side of their respective sides of the court as shown below:


When the game starts, 1-3 people can run to the center line to grab the balls for their team. Some teams allow one person to grab all three balls, other teams send three people to each grab a ball but, the most popular way, teams will send two players to the line and have one person grab one ball while the other grabs two balls. With this most popular way, the person grabbing two balls can toss one back to a player waiting at the attack line while still protecting themselves and the other rusher who grabbed the third ball.

During the rush, you are able to cross the center line (soft line) to get to the balls as fast as possible. Once the rush is over, the center line becomes a ‘hard line’ in which you cannot cross or step on.

Attack Line

Each side of the court has an attack line as shown in the previous picture. After the rush begins, in order to be thrown, the balls have to cross the attack line. If a player throws a ball at the opposing team without having that ball cross the attack line first, the throw does not count.

In future posts, we will dive further into the different aspects of the game as well as the different positions. We hope you enjoy reading about the game as well as playing it! Like what you read and are interesting in trying Nova Scotia Dodgeball? Contact us to come try the game or visit the registration page to sign up!