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7 Tips For Better Catching in Dodgeball

So you want to be a catcher? Are you are a catcher and you want to become better at it? Here are 7 things to work on to become a better catcher in dodgeball:

1. Plant Your Feet

Moving side to side while trying to catch can be pretty difficult. Remember that time where you were trying to dodge 3 balls coming at you and you had your hands in a weird spot and somehow, a dodgeball stuck? Is this skill? No. It is impressive though! While learning to catch, plant your feet and try to focus on those balls as they come at you.

2. T-Rex Arms

Hold your arms in close to your chest with your elbows close to your sides so you are ready to snatch an incoming ball. Having your arms in the ready position will aid in grabbing that one coming straight for you.

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