About NSD

How does Nova Scotia Dodgeball work, you ask?


Registration cost is $80.00 per person for one division or $120 for two divisions. Our registrations are different than other leagues in that you register as an individual player. If you are interested in registering, please fill out the registration form link  and once we get your online registration, we will send you a player information sheet to fill out that will include your stats, dodgeball history,  and details and a waiver for you to sign. Once we get that information sheet and your payment back, you have a spot in the league!


All games will be played at Armbrae Academy on Sunday evenings. The season will consist of 12 weeks of regular season play and a full-day round robin tournament at the end. Games will begin on the 8th of January and will run on every Sunday (with the exception of the NS February long weekend) until April 2nd. The end of season tournament will be held on Saturday, April 8th. Rules will follow the same format as Dodgeball Canada and can be found on their website (www.dodgeballcanada.org) or under the “Rules” tab of the NSD website. All games will be 60 minutes in length with two 25 minute halves separated by a 5 minute break. We will have referees for each game to keep the games moving. They will also call outs if they find that players are not going off when hit, however, we would like players to uphold the integrity of the game – please call your own outs.


Our registrations are different than other leagues in that you register as an individual player. On the first week, the teams are randomly created. All teams will be created with 9 players – If the league fills, we will start a waiting list and will accept players in groups of 18 (enough for 2 full teams). Each week, players are awarded points based on if their team wins (30 points), ties (20 points) or loses (10 points). If you are a no-show and failed to obtain a substitute player, you receive 0 points. You are responsible for obtaining your own substitute player if you are unable to participate in a scheduled game. The following week, teams will be switched so that the point totals of all the players on the team are equal.