2017 Winter Results

Team gaunt’s right – 1st Place – Coed
L-R:  Amy MacNeil, Bobbie Kester, Jeff Cameron, Chilli Awad, Jacky Darling,
Genesis Santos, Matt Ayyash, Jay Smith & Davey Dow

Team nagini – 1st Place – Men
L-R -Kevin Hughes, Brodie Champion, George Smith, Tom Leung, Joey LeBlanc,
Bruno Pelletier, Steve Cook & Clint Chaulk
Missing: Adam Oickle
Team harry potter – 1st Place – women
L-R – Erika Hermanson, tiffany wong, Courtney mercer, genesis santos, katie cameron,
brogan moore, jennifer trevors, jackie holley
Missing: Shelly brown
Overall Highest Season Game Points

1st Place – Davey Dow

2nd Place – Erika Hermanson

3rd Place – Catlin Bradbury

4th Place – Erin Cochrane
(Kevin acting as Proxy)

1st Place – Spencer Smith

2nd Place – Dillon Betts
(Courtney acting as proxy)

1st Place – Courtney Mercer

2nd Place – Sarah Singer
League Awards

Outstanding Player of the Season
Brogan Moore

Fearlessness Award
Genesis Santos

Rookie of the Season
Tiffany Wong

Class Clown Award
Craig MacInnis
League Appreciation Award

Jeff nash